Youth Yoga Series: Wired & Tired

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Yoga for teens who need to chill. 

Adolescence is one of the most challenging times of life: from rapid physical growth, hyper brain activity, and social stimulation it seems there is hardly a moment to slow down. Yet, without a moment of stillness, all the constant activity will begin to break down the very systems that are trying to develop! Wired to Tired yoga series addresses the specific need for adolescence to slow down and integrate the many shifts within.
Wired and Tired yoga program teaches self-awareness, social-emotional recognition, relaxation techniques, and the physical potentials specific to adolescent development. Centered specifically on brain-based learning, students will learn about their rapid brain development, nervous system, and how to work within their own inner power to navigate the stimuli from without and within. Each class with work through yoga postures for stability, self-calming, anxiety relief, mood-lifting. Students will learn simple and effective breath awareness techniques to instantly address feelings of stress or sadness. And most importantly, the hour and a half class with giving each student a moment to drop out of their busy lives and chill for a moment to reset their nervous system for growth and relaxation.
*This program does not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or mental conditions; all practices offered in this program are designed to help the individual to become more self-aware, physically and mentally integrated, and relaxed. All practices are modified for the individual to be safe and accessible.

***Free Intro Meeting Jan. 10 at 6PM! Check out the individual listing for full details***

Dates: Thursdays, January 17th – February 14th
Time: 7 PM– 8:30 PM
Location: 225 Hauenstein Rd. Huntington, IN (located inside of Cardinal Family Medicine)
Investment: $90/child for all 5 sessions. Pre-registration is required. Click here to reserve your space. 

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