Instructor Highlight: Maggie Kitch

Posted on Friday, May 26, 2017

I found yoga in 2012 after my first year of college. I decided to take a year off of school in order to work and figure out what I actually wanted to do with my life. Through taking yoga classes and working at a yoga studio, I knew instantly that this was the right path, that I was heading in the right direction. I soon began teaching and have since attended two teacher training out of state and one in Fort Wayne.  All of my training were either from Baron Baptiste himself or were Baptiste inspired. Each training had a heavy emphasis on three practices: physical practice, meditation practice, and self-inquiry. I love how in every yoga class, there is an opportunity for each of those practices to grow and develop. I love how each practice is mental as well as physical, whether it's a power class or restorative class. Mostly, I love how much my yoga practice translates into my life off of the mat. Whether I'm teacher or student, I gain so much from yoga. It is my goal to touch on all three of these practices in each class, giving myself and those participating a chance to connect mind, body, and spirit.

Where do you find happiness? What makes you smile?
"What makes me smile: I love when other people are so passionate about something that I can feel it oozing out of them. I love lazy, quiet days, as well as fast-paced work days. It makes me happy when the cooks at work make one too many desserts so I get the privilege of indulging in a sweet treat :) Yoga, my pets (Bo, Petunia, & Pip), boat rides, my green blanket, and walks outside also make me incredibly happy."

What is something that not most people would not know about you?
"Something most people would not know: I hate that question! I never know what to say, I feel like I talk about things pretty openly.  I guess most people might not know that I almost always have a little rose quartz crystal in my pocket."

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